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Frequently Asked Questions!

All you need to know

How much does your service cost ? 

Making films and images can be expensive and most of the variables depend on which of the services you choose. But each event is unique and your films could cost a little less… or much more. Our approach to film-making and budgeting isn't quite as cut dry as a 'package' or 'fixed price'. So whether you're having a bollywood style grand production or an intimate backyard wedding, we'd like to treat it with the poignancy or grandeur it deserves. Write to us and we'll do our best to make it work for you.

How big is your crew ?

Our services are tailored to your event, and so is our crew. We have a great team of three and a fantastic team of ten. We wouldn't compromise on quality so you can trust our instinct on how many people you would need.

How long are your films ?

The duration of every film is a direct reflection of the kind of wedding it was. For those who opt for our feature film service, the wedding films are nothing short of 60-90 minutes. For our Wedding Mini Series package, we will deliver short episodes of 5-10 minutes with the best memories of each event and these can be played together as one film. For more information, feel free to contact us.

How much in advance do I need to book you ?

Considering how few weddings we confirm each year, its only fair we give every enquiry a fair chance to book our dates. Irrespective of how much or how less your service may cost, its a 'first come-first serve' world.

Can you make me a memory like this even if I'm not getting married?

Being born, growing old, falling in love and even losing a loved one are epic moments for us all. Write to us and If we feel there is a story to be told, we would do our best to tell it.

Can we hire another videographer along with you ? 

We like to shoot very unobtrusively, without scripting, rehearsing or making you conscious of our presence and it's hard to do so when you have lights, and cameras all over you. We also insist on not more than two photographers.That way you'll get the best of both!

Are the prices negotiable ?

We try our best to fit you in our pricing packages, but making films is a difficult and expensive activity and we do not like compromising on our equipment or talent!

How soon will I get my video and photos ?

You could get the photos within two to three weeks of the event. And when it comes to the you could get a trailer within a week or days of your wedding/event, or depending on how busy we've been... The complete film could take us between two to three months to create whereas the highlights could take between to one to two months.
But we've been told it's worth the wait!

Can I assist or intern with you?

Our work as a photographers/Filmmakers is typically assignment-only. Which means we are usually working for a client with a small team of trained assistants. It is our policy to only hire people we have worked with before or who have interned with us. However, we do offer seasonal internships. We know how internship can be crucial for anyone's career and we will strived to create the best possible experience that we can. We book them out pretty far in advance and we require all interns to live within driving distance from Hyderabad. Some basic info about the internships are as follows:

 - Work time is 4 months.

 - Saturday - Sunday , 3 Weekends a month minimum required.

 - Interns are required to apply with a professional resume.

 - We don't base internship selections on the “talent” or experience level of a photographer.

 - Internships are unpaid, but always have paid work opportunities through the studio pl bonuses.

If you are interested in interning please email with your resume attached with a subject line that reads "YOUR NAME - INTERNSHIP". We will send you back an information packet. Please, serious Inquiries only.

Future Goals or Projects?

Future goals would always be to simply inspire people with the our content. Create work that is meant to last a lot longer than we are. Travel all around the globe and celebrate the happiness and emotions. 

Can I see your work in person?

We are going to setup our Gallery in Hyderabad soon. You can directly visit there or book a slot with us to know more about us and we can setup an appointment for you. 

Dont see the answer you are looking for?

The truth is that some questions are simply just too complex to answer over email and need to be done in person. we could speak on questions like “How do I work with a brand?” or “How do I approach an editor?” for hours.

Any other inquiries email me at and We’ll do our best to get back to you.

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